There are different types of guitar which one should I start with? 

Well a good place to start is to figure out what genre of music you want to play. If you want to play folk, pop, rock or acoustic blues then a steel-string acoustic would be the preference. If you plan on learning classical music then you will need a nylon string classical guitar. Or maybe you want to play lead guitar and then you could look at electric guitars.

Regardless of genre classical guitars can be a good starting place for budding guitarists, they have several advantages – they tend to be cheaper, they are softer on your fingers, the body is a bit smaller (handy for petite people) and the neck is a bit wider (useful for people with larger hands/fingers).

But can I play folk/pop/blues music on a classical guitar? Well yes, but it won’t have the same tone – they have a softer sound – so if the sound is the most important thing for you then to get the ‘folk’ sound you would need a steel string acoustic. This pretty much applies equally to blues, pop or rock. So steel strings might give you the sound you’re looking for but be prepared for sore fingers at the start (especially so if you buy a budget model).

And is it ok to start learning on an electric guitar? Yes, although years ago the attitude was that you should start on an acoustic and then progress onto an electric but if the music you’re interested in playing is mostly played on electric guitars then there’s no harm in starting with an electric instrument. Remember though that you will need to budget for an amplifier and possibly a pair of headphones if you want to be able to practice without disturbing anyone else.



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